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From a pawn to a King

“No-one can serve two masters,” Jesus said. One man’s life vividly illustrates the battle raging between the forces of good and evil that are each seeking our allegiance.

Faith: an overlooked tool in substance abuse prevention and recovery

Are today’s young binge drinkers rejecting an evidence-based treatment?

Sober doesn’t have to mean boring

The popularity of non-alcoholic drinks is on the rise and they're tasting better than ever

Go healthy for good – October 2016

Wake early on weekdays and sleep in on weekends? Well, you could be increasing your risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Go healthy for good – September 2016

Using a smartphone in bed is not just keeping us up—it's turning us blind. And another reason why dogs really are man's best friend.

Is alcohol OK?

The apostle Paul encouraged his associate Timothy to drink “a little wine” for the stomach and other infirmities (1 Timothy 5:23). So does the Bible condone the drinking of alcohol?

Food From Heaven

Instead of kicking back and enjoying their retirement, John and Bev Lowe decided to feed the homeless.

Staying dry

After growing up with alcoholic parents, Sandy Schofield, and husband Trevor, now run a business advocating and supplying alcohol-free beverages for corporate and private events.

Go healthy for good – April 2017

Eating more nuts could save your life. And why you should never order the "combo" meal from fast food restaurants.

The trouble with alcohol

When it comes to celebrating, we need less drinking and more thinking.

Go Healthy For Good: January/February 2016

Nerida McKibben is the host of HopeChannel’s health and wellness show, Go Healthy For Good. To find out more, go to www.hop.ec/gohealthyforgood.

Alcohol Advice Revisited

As you cruise into Christmas and kick back, recent health warnings suggest you may want to reconsider how much alcohol you drink.