A Christian Perspective on the World Today

adam and eve


Life in the Son

I remember attending a life celebration held for two siblings who had tragically passed away. The sisters, aged two and five, drowned while playing...

The suicide plant

Touching the Dendrocnide moroides plant has driven people to pain-induced insanity. How can a harmless-looking plant be so evil?

The gift or the present?

Life is a gift and an opportunity to show others how awesome God is, because He is the one who gave it all in the first place.

What We Choose To Eat

Every month, our Bible correspondence school instructors delve into the Bible to answer some of life and Christianity’s deeper questions.

Jesus’ Birth Reverses Your Death

Christmas is the time when the world celebrates Jesus' birth. Let's see how that relates to His (and our) death—and why.

Body and Soul: Together and Forever

Are human beings made up of one part or two?