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Be Sad, Better

I consider myself a fairly honest person. But when someone asks that innocent question, “How are you?” I’m often tempted to twist the truth....

My Point of No Return

They say that as an aircraft sits at the end of a runway and begins to increase its thrust, there is an imminent stage...

Our Preoccupation With Death

I was scrolling through my phone’s app store one day when I saw something that left me bemused. It was an exercise monitor for...

The Guts to Change

Listen to the podcast interview on the article: We are not a completely solitary being as we are accompanied by microscopic bugs. Believe it or...

Pray As You Can

I’m going to be honest with you. I find prayer really hard. If I had to give reasons for all my tears over the...

How to Build a Better Brain

The first time he saw a living human brain, neurosurgeon Sanjay Gupta says it became “a powerful and life-changing experience”. The brain is not “grey...

Hollywood’s Disability

When the doctor first told my wife and I that our son was going to be born with a disability, I was uncommonly brave....

A Birthday Out of the Blue

Until that point in our marriage, my wife and I had shared a car. She worked in the city, close to public transport and...

Desmond Tutu: A Prophetic Voice of Hope

It was a fleeting meeting, but one that left an impression on me. Living in Norway in 2001, it was the centennial celebration of...

Why We Paint: The Krubi Sisters

Sister trio Clara, Emily and Sharon always dreamed of different things they could do together when they grew up. They never thought they would...

Understanding Diabetes

Diabetes (or diabetes mellitus) is not one disease but a group of endocrine (hormonal) diseases. Commonly, we separate these out into type 1 diabetes,...

NAIDOC: A Week to Remember

NAIDOC Week is July 2–9 and incorporates the second Friday—which historically was celebrated as “National Aboriginal Day”. NAIDOC stands for National Aboriginal and Islanders...