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Jesus wept.” - John 11:35 When people experience frustration, loss, sadness or stress, some immediately put up emotional barriers and force themselves to be strong....

Passive vaping—time we see it like secondhand smoke and stand up...

A medical student of mine recently said he loved the smell of vanilla in the house he shared with friends who vaped. “That’s OK,...

Get Your Brain In Shape

Ever since I can remember, people have been motivated to exercise out of a desire to look good. We know being fit is associated...

God is still speaking

I can’t read. When I say, “I can’t read,” I mean, “I shouldn’t read.” When I say “I shouldn’t read,” I mean that if...

14 reasons why cycling is good for you

Bike sales skyrocketed during the past couple of years thanks to the change of lifestyle initiated by pandemic lockdowns. Even now, it is common...

Bevvies without the Buzz

As the balmy Australian summer took a chilly turn, I found myself sitting one day in a pub in Jindabyne, New South Wales with...

Gratitude your way into the New Year

There is no time like the end of the year that stirs our interest in self-improvement. Many of us are thinking of the new...

The First Christmas Gift-Giver

In writing this article, I asked a handful of people what the worst thing they had ever received for Christmas was. The answers I...

More than a building: how a flat battery got me back...

A chance encounter with a kind man brought Justin Bone back to church . . . and to God. But what is the church really? And what should our expectations of church be?

What COVID has taught us about sharing our emotions—and why now’s...

Although they were only two-and-a-half years ago, the first months of the COVID pandemic and ensuing lockdowns seem like a distant past. We have – perhaps intentionally...

Cardboard therapy

For an increasing number of people, tabletop gaming is a passionate hobby that most of us have no idea about. What is most surprising, then, are the lessons it can teach us about life.

Little blue shed

Tanja Curcic left the 9–5 corporate hustle to bring hope to girls and women living in rural Uganda.