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Sports betting: From Entertainment to Addiction

Sports betting is big business, especially in countries like Australia. But is this just a harmless past-time, or an industry with darker secrets to discover?

Victor Torres’ true story

From dealer to addict to something more. . . this is the story of Victor Torres life and the events that changed it forever

Daily habits for a good memory

Everybody has a spotty memory from time to time. Thankfully, Genia Ruscu has some advice on how to improve this.

The treasure hidden in plain sight

God says the Kingdom of Heaven is like hidden treasure. Adrian Bocăneanu explains what that means to him.

How to overcome obstacles without crossing lines

When I was a young student, there was a period of time where I was looking for a well-paying job to support my family...

Truth or Scare?

The Covid-19 vaccine is continuing to generate headlines. Some say it’s dangerous, other’s say it’s necessary. What’s the truth?

Is The Bible History?

Sure, the Bible is a holy book for religious people, but does it have any value for the hard-nosed seeker of verifiable fact?

Toxic Friendships – Why Sometimes We Need to “Break Up” With...

“They’re just not that into you” or “they’re using you”—both may be said about romantic relationships, but they can also be applied to your friends. Here’s how you can deal with it.

It’s about guilt

Contemporary society struggles to deal with guilt in a healthy and balanced way. But, for thousands of years, God has been implementing His plan . . .