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Kanye West, Donda and the Question of Christian Art

Kanye's newest album, Donda, has recieved mixed reviews from many. . . but like most art, it reveals deeper meanings when examined.

A generation that breathes anxiety

In the age of Covid-19, anxiety is more common than ever before. But what is it, and how can we learn to live with it?

God on Trial: Why does God allow suffering?

The play God on Trial aims to tackle one of the most difficult questions in all of human existence—should we blame God for the suffering of humankind?

Does religion cause war?

Religious extremists have been blamed for recent global conflicts. We examine the historical evidence for these claims that religion ruins everything.

Are we being treated or tricked?

Even before any sweets are consumed, many might find themselves soured by the reality of Halloween’s dark past and present.

Sabbath: The special day of self care

In a world of self-care, people are rediscovering an ancient practice that is good for the individual and their community.

Truth or Scare?

The Covid-19 vaccine is continuing to generate headlines. Some say it’s dangerous, other’s say it’s necessary. What’s the truth?

Is The Bible History?

Sure, the Bible is a holy book for religious people, but does it have any value for the hard-nosed seeker of verifiable fact?

Toxic Friendships – Why Sometimes We Need to “Break Up” With...

“They’re just not that into you” or “they’re using you”—both may be said about romantic relationships, but they can also be applied to your friends. Here’s how you can deal with it.

It’s about guilt

Contemporary society struggles to deal with guilt in a healthy and balanced way. But, for thousands of years, God has been implementing His plan . . .