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BMX, drugs and finding Jesus

Greg had lost all hope and even wished for death. God had other plans.

Camping at the end of the world

Modern-day doomsayers and prophets can be scary. But what is the gift of prophecy really about, and do real modern-day prophets exist?

What is NAIDOC week?

An indigenous perspective on the importance of NAIDOC Week.

Evolution: A leap of faith

How much faith does believing in evolution really require?

Living in the in-between

Jesus died on Easter Friday, He rose on Easter Sunday. But have you ever wondered what happened on Saturday

Instant regrets, memory wipes & free will

Living a life free of regrets may be just a dream - but is there a way to take steps in that direction?

The Great Resignation

Recent statistics suggest many people are considering a career change. Before you hand in your resignation letter, there are a few things worth considering.

Golden handcuffs and the new religion of work

An old Romanian proverb states that craft is like a golden bracelet. But the way we relate to this type of jewellery seems to suggest that these golden bracelets are more like some socially acceptable handcuffs, which we fooled ourselves into wearing with pride.

Jumping High: The one who inspired me at the Olympics

Nicola McDermott’s silver medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games was a historic and record-breaking moment for the country. But it was only the second most important thing to Nicola that day.

The immortal Bible

The Bible is arguably the most widespread—and controversial—book of all time. But who wrote it, and what is it really about?

Understanding the white ribbon

Important information from a domestic violence victim for identifying domestic violence and deciding what to do next.