How You Can Share Jesus Simply


“If you can’t get out there and rub shoulders with somebody, then you can invest in Signs of the Times magazine that actually does that for you.” —Sam Luteru

Every month, thousands of Signs of the Times are picked up by community members in:

  • Community centres
  • Campgrounds
  • Prisons
  • Hand delivered by literature evangelists
  • and more

Demand is much higher than supply, and very often these community projects do not have enough magazines!


By sponsoring Signs of the Times, you ensure that someone who needs the hope of Jesus will find a Signs magazine in these locations.


  • $200 sponsors 85 magazines
  • $20 per month sponsors 100 magazines every year

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“We find it valuable here, and we would love to keep having it here … if you’re thinking, ‘is it really going to reach the people I need it to reach?’, it certainly does.” —Sam Luteru