August 2021 Social Media Schedule


    Signs of the Times magazine has been the Seventh-day Adventist church’s premier evangelistic tool since 1886. While that may seem old, more recently we are using newer methods of reaching people—such as digital, social media, podcast and video content.

    August has always been a key month for highlighting the ministry of Signs of the Times. In 2021, we want to highlight how sponsoring the magazine or giving it to friends is Sharing Jesus Simply. We have created content and captions that you can download and post on your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter platforms throughout August.

    How it works

    To download: Simply click on the links in the 3rd column and it will automatically download to your computer! If you’d like to choose which folder to download to, right click each link and click “Save Link As”.

    Captions: Click on “copy caption” and it will automatically copy the caption for each post to your clipboard. In your social media post screen, just click paste!

    Carousel images: Image carousels on Facebook are a new and highly effective way to show moving images. If you haven’t uploaded a carousel before, follow this guide.

    Scheduling posts: Uploading these posts each day might be a bit cumbersome: but you can schedule them ahead for each week or even for the whole month! Follow this guide if you want to know how to schedule posts.

    What time should I post? It depends on who your audience is. When are they free and most likely to be scrolling through their social media? Early mornings, midday and afternoons from between 5-7pm usually receive the highest engagement.

    If you have any problems scheduling or posting content, please let us know at

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