Wandering Effects


wandering effects

Some who have been prescribed zolpidem (Stilnox)—a sedative—to help with sleep problems find themselves wandering about the house at night, doing odd tasks but not recalling them the next day. The sedative seems to give some degree of memory loss.

However, it is considered safe, although prescribed short term (20 tablets in the packet). In the United States, it is the main doctor-prescribed sedative and many have taken it for extended periods.

Some find it relieves fibromyalgia, a cause of severe muscle pains.

replacing meat

Most meat products can be replaced by vegitarian altenatives.Sanitarium have been producing cereal health foods and vegetarian products for more than 100 years, peanut butter being the first. Nutmeat—a meatlike product—comes from nuts, is low in fat and can be used in many nutritious recipes.

Although bland on its own, the addition of vegetables, herbs, spices, onion, tomato and other ingredients can produce a tasty tangy hot meal.

getting pregnant

Women may become pregnant if involved in unprotected sex as soon as their first ovulation occurs. Some girls begin ovulating before they are teenagers! During the monthly ovulation is the peak ”risk time” of pregnancy.

However, be wary of sex until you understand completely what it is all about and the possible consequences. Sex is best saved for marriage.

There are plenty of eager “takers” out there in the world of lust.

Don’t fall prey to their desires.

sweet and sparing

All cakes, pastry and bikkies contain fat. It is part of the recipe, although non-fat ones are made by some enterprising cooks.

You can eat fruitcake and other treats but not every day. Such foods are for special occasions. Eat your piece slowly, savour each mouthful. Make one slice last half an hour.

This way, you can share the experience without eating too much. And your conscience will not prick too hard.

umbilical wonder

During a baby’s development in the womb, nutrition travels via the umbilical cord. Oxygen is also carried in and carbon dioxide and other waste products are taken out. It is an amazing system. At birth, oxygen suddenly comes via the nose and airway system and food via the mouth.

Everything miraculously changes. The hole through which the cord travelled closes up, while the cord simply withers and drops off, leaving a belly button.

walk it off

Walking is great exercise.

Brisk walking is the best and should be done at a pace that pushes you to your peak performance.

This need for speed suggests that walking alone is the best way to ensure optimum results. Other people can slow you down or push you faster than you can maintain.

sharp objects Running with sharp objects is dangerous.

Emergency departments see injuries caused by pencils, scissors, screwdrivers and other pointy objects. Children should always be supervised when using such objects and movement while carrying them should be slow and deliberate.

Parents should educate their children of the dangers and precautions needed.

Cyst in Throat

Q: My sister has a swollen throat, and ultrasoundindicated a cyst. Is this serious?

A: Cysts commonly occur in the thyroid gland,which is in the neck, joined at the middle bythe isthmus. Most are innocuous, meaning noncancerous but intervention is always a good idea.Fluid may be aspirated (sucked out). Occasionallythere are many, called multiple cysts. However,cancer can occur in this gland, and radiationcan cause such cancer, as the victims of Japan

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