Weighing Baby


weighing baby

A baby’s birth weight varies, from around 2500 g to 4500 g. For boys, it averages around 3459 g (7 lb 10 oz) and for girls, 3402 g (7 lb 8 oz).Babies rapidly increase weight, doubling within the fourth to fifth month, and tripling it within the first year. It is worthwhile keeping in regular contact with the early childhood centre for evaluation and advice.


Non-pigmented melanoma, a serious skin cancer, is occurring more often. It is very difficult to recognise. Usually, a dark blue or black mark is present. This may gradually rise, with an irregular base. This demands urgent intervention. Nonpigmented ones may be detected by a skin specialist.It will be treated as a matter of urgency.

adrenaline rush

An adrenaline rush often accompanies tense situations, interviews, projects and deadlines that must be met. This hormone makes you ride high, jumping over insurmountable hurdles. But when it is over, there is a let-down, and the reverse may happen. Do not rely on caffeine— as it is artificial and your blood-sugar levels may be declining and needing a real solution. A piece of fruit or wholemeal sandwich will provide the needed energy.

weighty matters

Digital scales can be quite inaccurate when repeatedly weighing oneself multiple times. Weight may vary by up to a kilogram a day, raising more doubts about the accuracy of digital scales. Many people revert to the needle type. Some hospitals have gone back to the type where you move a weight along a bar at eye level, as they believe it is the most accurate. Scales must be on an even surface (not carpet or a sloping floor). Stand very still and do not move around. It is worth noting that most sudden weight gain or loss is due to water, which is very heavy. Anyone can lose 2 kg in a week with any kind of “diet” simply from water loss. That’s why “crash diets” appear to be so effective. It has nothing to do with true loss of fat, which can take weeks to break down and be consumed as fuel.

lost contact

It is essential to take great care when wearing contact lenses. They are very small, and can easily be lost. Down the basin in the bathroom is probably the most common spot, but loss can occur anywhere. They can get stuck in the u-bend, so retrieval may be possible. Regular care is also essential to prevent infections.

hot germs

Hot foods steaming in the glass counters of fastfood outlets makes some people wonder how many germs contaminate the choices. Food outlets are required to conform to strict laws governing preparation, storage and serving of food. If these are followed, risks of infections are not high, otherwise they would be shut down. Personal hygiene is also important with any food preparation and consumption, so make sure you are not the source of any bugs ingested.

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