Our Times: June 2006


Methane Cowed

British scientists claim to have developed a diet to decrease the methane emissions of cow belches and flatulence, a non insignificant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. A supplement based on a naturally occurring chemical, fumic acid, is added to their food. With 14 per cent of the world’s methane pollution coming from farm animals, the process will be beneficial in the fight against global warming.

The Love Molecule

Scientists are warning that feelings associated with falling in love don’t last more than a year. The accelerated heartbeat, the butterflies in the stomach and euphoric and silly feeling is triggered by a molecule known as nerve growth factor (NGF), according to Pavia University researchers.

They found those in “love” have higher quantities of NGF in their blood for a short time, but after about a year it decreases to a more normal level.

Limbo Lost

Pope Benedict has asked Catholic theologians for a more reasonable doctrine than limbo for what happens to the souls of unbaptised babies who die. Limbo has been taught by the Catholic Church for hundreds of years.

SIGNS 111 Years Ago

The seventh day of the week as the Sabbath, as the Bible teaches it, has been a central teaching of Signs of the Times since it began publication in 1886, when it was known as the Bible Echo and Signs of the Times. As the following extract suggests, it was an obviously fledgling teaching in Europe in June 1895, but one that is wedely accepted in Christianity today.

Of late letters and calls have come in from the old kingdom of Poland; some are already observing the Sabbath, from reading out publications, and many more are convinced. A labourer will visit them this spring and now thr truth is gaining a foothold in the Baltic provinces; one brother is keeping the Sabbath there, and is preapring some of the publications in one of the native languages..”

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