Our Times: April 2005


50 Years Ago In Signs

“The great apostle Paul said, ‘If I give all my goods to feed the poor and have not love, I am nothing.'”

Charitable funds are nothing if not dispensed with kidness,” stated the April 4, 1955 SIGNS OF THE TIMES, commenting on giving to charities. Its focus was on the establishment of a “new industrial farm” at Meekatharra, WA, for indigenous people, although its appeal was for funds for use throughout the nations of the South Pacific.

Culprit Of Change

New scientific measurements on world pollution may lead to countries and companies being sued for their contribution to climate change. Events, such as the European heatwave of 2003, which killed thousands of people, when found to be the result of industrial pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, would allow lawsuits to be filed against the offenders.

Food Find

Japanese researchers say they have produced rubber from a natural substance extracted from edible, wild mushrooms. However, it takes some 10 kilograms of mushroom to produce just one kilogram of rubber.

One ring to find them all

More than a quarter of married couples in Britain have lost one or both of their wedding rings, according to a survey by an insurance firm. One-in-five brides admitted losing their engagement ring.

Good Luck!

A US webster, H.O.P.E. (Horrified Observers of Pedestrian Entertainment), has begun a campaign to bring “quality” to the world of entertainment, working outside the traditional media structures. Their mission is to swap CD albums from such artists as Britney Spears, Jay Lo, Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson, Creed, Paris Hilton, Limp Bizkit and any “boy bands” for classic rock albums and “quality entertainment.”

Soldiers Of Ill Fortune

To win the votes of orange orchardists who have overproduced with a bumper crop, Taiwan’s PM has ordered his soldiers to eat as much of the fruit as they can over the next three months so that the crop doesn’t have to be dumped.

All-seeing Eye

A town in Japan has found a way to rid its car parks and roadsides of litter carelessly dropped by tourists on their way to the nearby ski resorts. The town council placed statues of Jizo, whose role in Buddhism is to help others find enlightenment, at parking spots on a main road through the town. Drivers are loath to litter while under the gaze of the gods.

Smart Soccer

Germany has launched an “intellectual” soccer magazine, so called, focusing on the cerebral side to the game in an effort to encourage a wider following in the run up to the 2006 World Cup. At around 200 pages, Anstoss (“Kick-off”) consists of interviews and articles on issues such as soccer hooliganism.

Turban ban

Indian Sikhs protest in New Delhi, India, against ban in effect in France on wearing religious symbols in state schools. France’s controversial ban, aimed at reinforcing the separation of religion and state, came into effect at the start of the academic year (EPA/STR).

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