Grit in Your Eyes


Grit In Your Eyes

After a day at a CRT keyboard, you may suffer irritated eyes. Staring at a computer monitor for hours means you blink less often. This is made worse in an airconditioned environment, where moisture is sucked from the air. Take a break occasionally, closing the eyes, and use a natural tear lubricant. There are many brand lines available, often in small capsules that give a day’s supply. A few early nights will also help.

Hear No Evil

Hearing aids can look hideous, be expensive and accentuate background noise, not helping hearing much at all. The constant need to adjust them, whistling and the irritation of their presence means many discard them. However, newer electronic versions, although expensive, can be worthwhile. They self-adjust, cut down the background roar and give reasonable clarity.

Dots And Dashes

Lines and ridges on toenails means there’s been some minor disruption to normal growth of the nail from the nailbed. Illness, psychological stresses or inadequate minerals in the diet are just some of a variety of possible causes, though none usually serious. The marks will grow out slowly. A podiatrist can help if there are any problems.

Look After Liver

Many people, including teenagers, feel unwell, with tests revealing liver problems. Alcohol is the most common cause of liver destruction. Everything consumed is absorbed and goes directly to the liver, where it is broken down and unwanted products detoxified and eliminated. By constantly overworking the liver, cells are permanently killed, replaced by fat and fibrous tissue, leaving fewer cells to do the work. Lower or eliminate alcohol intake, take a multi-B tablet daily, and add plenty of fruit and vegetables to your diet.

A Little Too Much

While salt is essential to the body, one doesn’t need much. It’s useful for improving the flavour of food and is used to preserve it. The Western diet contains too much, so add the minimum to cooking and none on the table. Try it and see; it doesn’t take long to accomodate the taste. The reduction in salt intake is recommended to help lower heightened blood pressure.

Blood Types

In Eat Right for Your Type, Dr Peter J D’Adamo suggests that certain illnesses are related to a person’s blood type. While standard medicine says no, those with symptoms say yes. There may be a link to the body’s immune system, in which many factors play a part in accepting or rejecting food, and the way we react to other aspects of living. If you find something disagrees with you, avoid it and go for those that seem to suit best.

Medications Advisory

Expectant mothers should take care with medications, especially in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Recent research indicates aspirin and NSAID medicines (often used for pain relief) may be the worst, even causing miscarriage. Paracetamol is the least harmful, says the British Medical Journal.

Regular People

Regularity is important to health, with many looking to natural remedies for bowel irregularity. This includes eating plenty of fresh fruit—high in fibre content. This draws up water in the bowel, improving motility. Vegies are also good. Dried fruit, especially prunes, dates, figs and sultanas are useful. Physical activity also stimulates the system.

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